2014 dealers meeting goes well

  • Date: -Aug 7, 2014 – Guangzhou, CHINA –
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On August 4th to 6th, the annual dealer meeting smoothly held in Guangzhou by Ningbo Ming sing Optical R&D co., LTD , from all over the country more than 20 dealers attended in Guangzhou, discuss the developing project.


Meeting period

General manager, Mr.Huangzhangguo come from Ningbo Ming sing Optical R&D co., LTD rose report of he overall development of the company to each dealer at the meeting, and prospects the development of the company's long-term vision and development planning in the near future, highly appreciated by the dealers. All distributors come up with new ideas to the company's development, also discuss each problem in the practical work. the company heard from the latest market information from the dealers in the meeting,, as the deepening regional distributor for many years, they understand mostly the needs of the consumers, that will be a very strong support on the new product development, as well as the improving of the quality and services to the company.


General Manager, Mr.Huangzhangguo had a speech

In recent years, "tianle" brand equipment maintained a high growth rate in China, largely thanks to the company stable dealer system. Company takes most of the major provinces in the country of regional exclusive distribution pattern, better to ensure the stable development of market order. on the one hand, effectively prevent the transshipment and the price of the blind competition, reasonable safeguard the interests of dealers, on the other hand also to enhance the stability and loyalty of the dealers, makes the dealer able to provide better service for the general consumers

Let customer satisfaction, to provide cost-effective products for society" is one of the mission of Ningbo Ming sing Optical R&D co., LTD, We also has to convey a sense of mission to its partners, have a high sense of identity and set up a batch of dealer system. Only let customer satisfaction, can maintain a business or a sustained and healthy development. Ming sing Optical will continuous effort together with distribution partners, to provide better products and services to customers.