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COOA Optometry public training in Wuhan station perfect ending

  • Date: -Jun 12, 2014 – Wuhan, CHINA –
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2014 China Optometric & Optical Association optometry public training, the first stop public training successfully held in Wuhan from June 10th to 11th, two days of training jointly undertake managed by Ningbo Ming sing Optical R&D co., LTD and Wuhan XinHamMing Sheraton glasses co., LTD. In the opening ceremony, the host Mr.Shao, director of the China Optometric & Optical Association equipment professional committee (and Chairman of Ningbo Ming Sing Optical R&D co., LTD), had a speech, welcomed the arrival of more than 300 students, and with the hope of all can get full of knowledge, put this to use, really worthwhile trip.



To improve the professional skills and management level of optical glasses retail enterprises, the China Optometric & Optical Association equipment professional committee decided to held optometry public training in Wuhan(June) ,Guangzhou(July), Shenyang(August) in 2014.