The chairman Shao Hezhong won the award of the 13th Ningbo outstanding Entrepreneur

  • Date: -Jul 18, 2014 – Ningbo, CHINA –
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On 18th, July afternoon, enterprise of Ningbo awards activities 2014 international conference was held in Ningbo nanyuan hotel. Chairman Shaohezhong from Ningbo Ming Sing Optical R&D co., LTD.,was awarded the title of honor" the 13th Ningbo outstanding entrepreneur, 2014"

This activity as one of the major events of Ningbo enterprises, Ningbo outstanding entrepreneur award selection reflects from the side of the process of the development of Ningbo enterprises, to witness the Ningbo entrepreneurial trajectory to a certain extent, entrepreneurs are the industry leader, the Ningbo outstanding entrepreneur award selection by the association recommends, review committee judge, catalogue website of the public, lasted more than four months, and final evaluation of 30 entrepreneurs in the city.