Concept of the optometry instruments used in Mcfashion optical shops by Ningbo Ming Sing Optical

  • Date: -Apr 2, 2014 – Ningbo, CHINA –
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1. Definition of Mcfashion optical shop
1.1 Small: small business area, high-usage of space. Simplify staff, a shop assistant serve as an optometrist, adopt centralize processing or consigned processing of glasses, not sell contact lens.
1.2 Quick: Provide quick and convenient optometry servise, commodity with high quality and competitive price, highlight the commodity property of glasses, high speed of goods turnover.
1.3 Fashion: Target on 80-90s generation customers, goods exhibit and marketing mode keep us with fashion trend, with alterable decoration style.  .
1.4 Type: Shopping mall shops generally, office building shops and frontage shops subsidiary, Site selection with large flow of people    

2. Optometry instrument requirement of Mcfashion optical shop
2.1 Lightness: Exquisite modeling, suitable for small optometry room or bright and open-ended optometry area  
2.2 Flexible: convenient transportation,adapt to shop removing
2.3 Fashion: Fashionable appearance instruments,color of the instruments should be coordinate with the decorate style  
2.4 Fast moving: Quick optometry,package sales,lens upgrading in optometry room  
2.5 Professional: Adapt to routine optometry, not high requirement of visual function examination      
2.6 Easily use: Auto refractors and optometry systems, customization auto optometry process, user-friendly control, easily training.
2.7 After sales service: Easy maintaining, with fault self-diagnosis function

3. Optometry instruments description of Mcfashion optical shop by Ningbo Ming Sing Optical
3.1 Pay attention to detail design and color matching. 
3.2 With fault self-diagnosis function
3.3 Data transmission by bluetooth
3.4 Provide more convenient replace and maintain for after sales service 
3.5 One year warranty

4. Integrated optometry solution by Ningbo Ming Sing
4.1 Three kinds of auto refractors system optometry solution provided according to the optometry area.
4.1.1 Small space 1.2*1.8m upright holder: upright phoropter arm and locker Ⅰ, electric lift chair, Auto phoropter, space saving chart, auto refractometer, auto lensmeter.
4.1.2 Middle-size space 1.8*3.6m: Ophthalmic unit B and locker Ⅱ, Auto phoropter, Monitor chart (use with mirror) , auto refractometer, auto lensmeter.
4.1.3 Big space 1.8*3.6m: Ophthalmic unit A and upright LED Monitor chart cabinet, Auto phoropter, Monitor chart, auto refractometer, auto lensmeter.
All the above three programs should place the following articles in order and coordinate with the color: Auto phoropter, monitor chart or space saving chart, auto refractometer, auto lensmeter, PD meter, pen lamp, PD ruler, train lens frame, train lens set, ocular plate, retinoscope, price list of lenses, lens sales prop and ect.

5. Deadline R&D of the optometry instruments used for Mcfashion optical shops by Ningbo Ming Sing.
   Ningbo Ming Sing will exhibit the integrated optometry instruments which designed with new concept and used for Mcfashion optical shops at CIOF which will be held in Sep 2014

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2nd Apr 2014